The Sanctuary


Responding to the vision and calling I received to create a sacred place for people to come to awaken, transform and remember, I founded The Sanctuary at Mt. Shasta.  The Sanctuary at Mt. Shasta is nestled within 40 acres of beautiful forest and nurtured by the healing and supportive energies of nature and graced by the sanctity of Mt. Shasta, offers a safe and supportive environment for transformation and awakening to the soul’s calling.

Within this pristine forest is an 1200 square foot, octagonal shaped lodge, constructed in the summer of 2008.  This lodge serves as the gathering place for healing, workshop and ceremonial activities, in addition to hosting special events.

The Sanctuary at Mt. Shasta is conveniently located approximately 6 miles northwest of the City of Mt. Shasta, which offers numerous lodging and food service establishments.