A Perspective for the Times

This time of the Spring Equinox when the celestial powers of Sun and Moon are in balance is a propitious time to examine aspects of ourselves that are not in balance.  Cross- culturally, the season of Spring offers fertile ground for each person to plant and nurture new life within and without.

The timing of the Corona-virus pandemic here in America during the Spring Equinox offers an interesting juxtaposition of events, inviting a closer examination for a Cosmic interpretation.

Perhaps the common interpretation of this event, seeing the virus as an invasion of our environment, is completely backwards.  Let’s reverse this interpretation and see it as we, humanity, are the virus and this virus is part of the Earth’s immune response.

Our collective reaction to this virus, the shelter-at-home program, is causing us to slow down, travel less and to care for one another.  Reducing our devastating impact on the environment and slowing the pace of our life, allows us to be more in rhythm with the pace of Nature.

By staying in right relationship to Nature we can stay in right relationship with our own nature. We can use this principle of reciprocity to monitor and to refine the state of our health and loving nature.

The shelter-at-home offers us the gift of time and affords us the opportunity for inner-personal exploration.

Pay attention to what has heart and meaning for you. Where are you currently engaged in activities and relationships that you participate in “half-heartedly.”  Notice what activities and relationships your heart longs for.

What seeds do you want to plant and grow in the “garden of your life?”  What is the vision for your new life? What dream seeds do you want to plant for your loved ones, community, Nature, etc.

May we choose wisely the seeds we want to plant for our future and that of Mother Earth.

With Infinite Blessings,

Ray Nobriga