According to ancient shamanic knowledge, there is a conscience, a spirit, in everything that surrounds us. When we connect with Our Mother Earth and with the spirits of nature, they nourish and protect us. Mother Earth is constantly whispering signs inviting us to forge a connection with all the sentient beings that surround and support us in our daily lives.
Learning to understand these signs and connect with these beings, fills us with spiritual power and facilitates the process of harmonizing body, mind, emotions and spirit.

One of the objectives of shamanic work is to re-gain this lost knowledge received during the interaction with the spirits of nature. This knowledge, often ignored by our culture, is a valuable ancient legacy that belongs to all of us.
Unfortunately, the current self-destructive trends in our society, if continued, will lead to the annihilation of humankind; to put it bluntly “we, as a species, will not survive.”

The destructive process to our ecology and resultant suffering experienced by humanity continues to be expressed in the quantity and intensity of the natural disasters being experienced in this county as well as globally. Witness the ever increasing number of hurricanes, fueled by increasingly powerful destructive winds and rains and, more recently, the enormity of the fires this fall that have consumed record-breaking acreage, property and lives.

Beyond the human loss it is also the destruction of the Earth’s multiplicity of ecosystems that are impacted. The process of purification and renewal will require a long-term commitment to ceremony to awaken the restorative powers of nature to heal both the ecosystems and ourselves.

As has been prophesied by indigenous cultures world-wide we are entering into a time that requires each of us to awaken consciously, to re-member our place within this cosmic order and to embrace our inherent power to restore balance and harmony within our ecosystem by performing Earth-honoring ceremonies fueled by the gratitude for the gifts that nature offers.

In learning how to expand our perception, we will connect with sources in nature from which we can draw wisdom and methods to help us survive and overcome this dangerous path we are on.

The question for each of us to ask is, “what is the world that we wish to leave for future generations?”