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The Great Turning

According to ancient shamanic knowledge, there is a conscience, a spirit, in everything that surrounds us. When we connect with Our Mother Earth and with the spirits of nature, they nourish and protect us. Mother Earth is constantly whispering signs inviting us to forge a connection with all the sentient beings that surround and support […]

Hosting a Staff Retreat

We were honored to provide ceremonial support for the annual staff retreat for The Center for Violence Free Relationships here at The Sanctuary at Mt. Shasta this past June.  We facilitated a number of activities specifically designed to support individual and staff needs that included ceremonies to deepen their connection with each other and with […]

Living in Harmony

With the rise of the “green movement” and heightened awareness of climate change, Mother Earth is reasserting herself, whether we realize it or not.  In particular, the acknowledgment that our planet is a living organism, strikes a responsive cord in millions of people as it re-connects us with our personal, intuitive experience of nature and […]