We have just completed the first workshop, “The Path of the Healer”, in the 5 part series of the Advanced Pachakuti Mesa Tradition (“PMT”) Apprenticeship Program.  This advanced apprenticeship program has been carefully designed to provide participants an opportunity to receive the ancient wisdom teachings and practices into the ceremonial healing arts as practiced in the North Coastal and Southern Andean traditions of Peru.

This apprenticeship series has been designed to support the evolution of students of the introductory apprenticeship series as shamanic practitioners of soul-restorative shamanic arts.  As such this advanced program is a graceful blending of the focused energies of the Pachakuti Mesa with more advanced healing modalities.  Participants will receive training on various methods of divination to determine causes of conditions, practical methods of offering healings including soul retrievals, energy clearings, distant healings and practices designed to connect and deepen one’s relationship with the unseen realms to enhance each participant’s ability to receive guidance in offering healing services.

With Eternal Gratitude,

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