To support the evolution of PMT students as shamanic practitioners of soul-restorative shamanic arts, we have intentionally designed an Advanced Apprenticeship Program to expand upon the foundation of shamanic healing and ceremonial practices experienced in the initiatory PMT Apprenticeship program.  This Advanced Apprenticeship Program, a series of five workshops, is a graceful blending of the focused energies of the mesa with the advanced healing modalities as practiced primarily in the North Coastal and Southern Andean regions of Peru along with techniques practiced cross-culturally.

In this Advanced Apprenticeship Program Series students will receive training in:

  • various methods of divination to determine causes of illness
  • practical methods of offering healings including, but not limited to, soul retrievals, despachos, energy clearings, seguros, aligning with the forces of nature and
  • practices designed to enhance each participant’s ability to receive guidance in offering healing services

Participation in this Advanced Apprenticeship is open to PMT mesa carriers who have either completed the introductory PMT Apprenticeship Series or the “Hummingbird’s Ascent” workshop. Alternatively this apprenticeship is open to those who practice with a mesa developed through training in a Peruvian based tradition.

The first weekend workshop in the Advanced Apprenticeship series, “The Path of the Healer,” is scheduled for the weekend of May 19, 2017 at The Sanctuary at Mt. Shasta.  The workshop will begin on Friday, May 19 at 7 pm and will conclude at 2 pm on Sunday, May 21st.

The cost is $325 if you pay with cash or check. Alternatively you may pay via PayPal and the cost is $335.00 which includes the PayPal transaction fee. You may register on this site  by completing the on-line registration form or, via email to Valerie at [email protected].  Please make checks payable to Ray Nobriga and mail to: PO Box 1239 Mt. Shasta, Ca 96067.  

The deadline for registration and payment is May 10, 2017.  Once registered, you will receive a confirmation along with a list of what to bring and an overview of this workshop.

Valerie and I have developed this program based upon our many years of apprenticeship with don Oscar Miro-Quesada, don Mariano Quispe Flores, a Paqo in the Paqokuna tradition, supplemented through Ray’s numerous journeys to Peru to work with various healers, along with teachers of healing modalities of other shamanic traditions.

In Sacred Relationship,
Ray Nobriga and Valerie de Magdalena

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