We welcome you to the “The Shamanic Self-Serving the Whole” workshop, representing the final workshop in the 5-part Pachakuti Mesa Apprenticeship (PMT) series, to be offered at The Sanctuary at Mt. Shasta beginning Friday evening, August 24th, at 7 pm and concluding on Sunday, August 26th, 2018 at approximately 2 pm.

The tutelary of great selfless service is the llama, who offers her back for carrying, her meat and milk, her fur. Even in her walking, she carries between her toes, seeds which she sows for future plants. Like the llama our is a path of service.

During this weekend participants will receive teachings on the energetic grid or meridian matrix of the Earth known as “Seq’e” lines in Quechua and the important function they serve in regulating movement of energies and the role of the mountains and of the shamans who support this movement through ceremony and ritual.

In addition participants will receive didactic experiential training on PMT based Apacheta creation ritual and teachings designed to deepen each participants relationship with their mesa.

The workshop fee is $350 if paid by check or, alternatively the fee is $361 if paid via PayPal. Please recognize that participation in this workshop requires that participants must have completed the first four workshops in this series.

In Loving Service,
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