With the rise of the “green movement” and heightened awareness of climate change, Mother Earth is reasserting herself, whether we realize it or not.  In particular, the acknowledgment that our planet is a living organism, strikes a responsive cord in millions of people as it re-connects us with our personal, intuitive experience of nature and with the traditional understanding of nature as being alive.

The very words for nature in European languages are feminine: natura in Latin, which means “birth.”  The image of Earth as Mother is found in traditional cultures all over the world.  The world was held sacred both as the source of life and as the receiver of the dead. In archaic mythologies, the Great Mother had many aspects.  She was the original source of the universe and its laws, the ruler of nature.  She was referred to as Mother Earth, Gaia, and also the goddess of the heavens.

As a shift in our consciousness is occurring, it is imperative that we understand our role as stewards of the Earth.  Becoming aware of spiritual revelations in nature that will awaken us to the importance of harmonizing with Natural Laws means  experiencing our identity with nature and remembering that the elements of nature are reflective of those same elements of our physical bodies.

The most fundamental act of spiritual vision that one can experience is the act of seeing oneself as a living part of all of nature. It is through an awakened consciousness that the illusion that we are separate from nature creates the pathway for our living in harmony with nature, as has been demonstrated by our ancestral relations.

While the Earth will no doubt adapt to the changes in our environment, the question is “can we?”