We are pleased to announce our Shamanic Healing Arts Apprenticeship Program for 2019/20, a carefully designed experiential apprenticeship that gracefully weaves the focused energies of a shaman’s altar with advanced, multi-cultural healing modalities, including those practiced in the various regions of Peru.  Consisting of 5 weekend workshops offered over a 15-month period, this apprenticeship provides participants with shamanic healing tools and practices that serve as the foundation for developing and enhancing a healing practice and with opportunities for deepening personal work.

In this apprenticeship program participants will receive training in:

  • various methods of divination to determine causes of illness;
  • practical methods of offering healing including soul retrievals, energy clearing, distant healing and the importance of ceremonies;
  • practices to connect with the power of Nature along with guiding spirits;
  • an immersion into the alchemical teachings and practices; and
  • guidance in establishing a shamanic healing practice.

The healing methodologies and techniques that we will be sharing we have learned through each of our long-term apprenticeships with various maestros, paqos, and teachers who have honored us with their wisdom and guidance.  Moreover, as are shamanic practitioners, this program reflects our vast experience of offering shamanic healing services that incorporate the varied modalities that we have incorporated in our curriculum.

The only qualification to participate in this program is that each participant must have a mesa (a shaman’s altar.)  We will offer a one-day workshop for those who do not currently have a mesa prior to the commencement of the apprenticeship program.  Please contact us to schedule a training.

Please note that the workshop locations will be alternating between Pacific Palisades and Mt. Shasta, California.

The first workshop, “The Path of the Healer”,  is scheduled for the weekend of April 27-28, 2019 at Temescal Gateway Park in Pacific Palisades, Ca.. The cost is $400 if paid by cash/check.  Please make check payable to Ray Nobriga and mail to PO Box 1239 Mt. Shasta, Ca.  96067.  Alternatively, you may pay via PayPal and the cost is $418.

The deadline for registration is April 10, 2019.  Once registered you will receive a confirmation along with a list of what to bring and instructional materials for this workshop.

Please feel free to contact us either by email or by telephone, (925)918-1132 should you have any questions or desire additional information.

With Infinite Blessings,

Ray and Valerie

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