We are honored to be invited to present “Alchemy and Shamanism” at the Diamond Springs Center for Healing Arts and Training on Sunday, April 8, 2018 from 10 am to 5 pm.

While the early Alchemists got the attention and support of Kings and Queens by their work refining base matter into gold, it was actually the inner work of transforming their own inner “lead” into light consciousness that had their attention.

Likewise, shamanism has, at its heart and as its goal, the alchemy of personal transformation – bringing the light of consciousness into the heavy places within us , relieving our pain and suffering, furthering our evolution as light beings, and from that place, supporting the evolution of our planet.

Please join us as we explore the power of Inner Alchemy and the possibilities that it offers for our own evolution and for the evolution of our communities and our planet.

You may register by contacting Diane Broussard at www.diamondspringscenter.com. The cost to participate in this presentation is $95.00.

With blessings,
Ray Nobriga and Valerie de Magdalena